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  • 26 Mar 2014 6:35 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)
  • 04 Mar 2014 10:17 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)
    Red Sunset Merchants Association


    Board of Directors Meeting


    19 February 2014


    The meeting was called to order by President Karla Cooper at 5:30pm. In attendance were Karla, Oliver, Mari, Ivan, Rene, Brandon, Derrick and Hans.


    The minutes from the last board meeting were read and approved.


    The financial report noted a current bank balance of $16,168.10.


    With business discussion we noted the recent election in South Miami and our need to maintain a dialogue with the city on  issues important to the association. Membership has been slowing down a bit and bringing in memberships is vital to the association’s wellbeing. Brandon reviewed the BID and how it seems to have stalled a bit.  Issues of determining what rate to charge and just what portion of a commercial building would be taxed seem to be the main hurdle along with an annoyingly  slow response time from the firm hired to create our BID. Brandon noted how time consuming the process is but that he would renew his efforts to get things moving again.  Brandon also pointed out that from  the property owners a 51% majority will be needed to support the BID and he is working to keep the cost of the BID process down to a realistic price…approximately $250,000.00.


    RSMA will be hosting a web/marketing event with Mario Ponce on 12 March 2014 at the FNBSM. He will be setting up new mini web sites for all our  members. The focus of the event will be usage of our web site and marketing our businesses. This should be a great event for our membership.


    The next board meeting will be 11 March 2014 at 4:00pm at FNBSM.


    The meeting was adjourned at 4:56pm.

  • 18 Feb 2014 4:32 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Sunset Merchants Association

    Board of Directors Meeting

    14 January 2014


    President Karla Cooper called the meeting to order at 4:15pm. Present were Oliver von Gundlach, Mari Colina, Ivan Mladenovic, Rene Aldonza, Hans Huseby and Karla Cooper.


    Minutes from the last meeting were read and approved.


    The financial report showed a bank balance of $16,837.79. A review of expense outlined $600.00 monthly for Mario Ponce which included Constant Contact for email communication. RSMA has pledged $2457.50 for the first phase of the BID costs. The Holiday Party expense was only $100.00…a great bargain! Discussion followed on administration costs, the BID expectations time-table etc.


    Business at hand included deciding on questions for the upcoming political forum for the elections in South Miami. President Karla Cooper will represent RSMA at the forum and will ask the candidates questions concerning downtown. Discussion followed on the Holiday Party, RSMA schedule for the first part of this year and the upcoming election of board members.


    The meeting was adjourned at 5:23pm.




    Hans Huseby

  • 17 Dec 2013 1:25 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)
    Our annual Holiday Party was a huge success, please enjoy the enclosed video!

  • 12 Dec 2013 2:46 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Red Sunset Merchants Association

    Board of Directors Meeting

    03 December 2013


    President Karla Cooper called the meeting to order at 4:10pm. Present were Oliver von Gundlach, Rene Aldonza, Brandon Lurie, Derrick Brown, Ivan Mladenovic, Hans Huseby and Karla Kooper.


    The reading of the meeting were tabled until the January meeting.


    The financial report was brief: our balance is $19,601.25. No new expenses were noted.


    The NID was reviewed by Brandon with area boundaries noted, the need to gather information from the County and keeping the BID simple to hold costs down.


    The business part of the meeting touched on…

    A.      the executive board meeting coming up in January 2014and setting the agenda for the first six months of the year.

    B.      the Just Off Sunset promotional idea

    C.      membership

    D.      governmental affairs

    E.       creating a newsletter that  could generate income for RSMA

    F.       events for RSMA


    The next scheduled meeting is 14 January 2014.


    The meeting was adjournedat 5:10pm to enable Board members to canvass the neighborhood telling merchants of the upcoming RSMA Hilday Party, encourage membership and let everyone know the Elves Parade is this coming Sunday 058 December 2013 at 2:00pm.




    Hans Huseby

  • 13 Nov 2013 12:44 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Red Sunset Merchants Association

    Board of Directors Meeting

    12 November 2013


    President Karla Cooper the meeting to order at 4:10pm. Present were Oliver von Gundlach, Rene Aldonza, Amy Donner, Hans Huseby and Karla Cooper.


    The minutes from the previous meeting were read and approved.


    A brief  financial report was given by Karla pointing out that RSMA bank balance is $20,268.45. Upcoming expenses include $7,500.00 pledged to the BID project, administrative expenses of $600.00 per month which includes Constant Contact and the website and hosting of our website which costs $81.00 per year. Karla pointed out that we have 21 new members since our last board meeting and the continued need for all board members to reach out and bring new members on board. She also brought to our attention the RSMA advertisement run at no charge in the Community Newspaper and how grateful we are to their support.


    Under new business the Board unanimously approved adding Derrick Brown general manager of The Shops at Sunset to our board of directors.


    Mario gave the administration report which featured a short video from this year’s Safe Streets Halloween and has been posted on Shop South Miami and RSMA websites  as well as on You-Tube. He stated we have 65 active memberships.


    For the report on the BID process Karla gave a brief overview stating city officials are supportive of our efforts and that next week more information will be available as key individuals have been out because of sickness.


    In general discussion Karla noted that she was out supporting the recent Art Night activities and more of should get out and be seen as representatives of RSMA. A brief review of the promotional idea “Just Off Sunset”, which was described as ‘moveable-mini-block-party-concert-series’ that would occur in various locations in downtown …just off Sunset Drive. The purpose to holding the events, proposed for the second or third Wednesday for our nine best weather months, would be to attract people to our downtown in a friendly hometown manner.


    Brief discussion of upcoming of  RSMA events or  events that RSMA will be involved in included… ‘walking the streets’ for our next board meeting…a meet and great effort that will take place on 12.03.2013. The RSMA General Memberships meeting which is our annual Holiday Party (this year to be held at Splitsville in the Shops at Sunset) on 12.11.2013. Santa’s Parade of the Elves held his year the second Sunday in December (12.08.2013)  because the first Sunday is too close to Thanksgiving Day. And  the  City of South Miami elections which are coming in February.


    The meeting was adjourned at 5:24pm.




    Hans Huseby

  • 06 Nov 2013 9:19 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Red Sunset Merchants Association

    Board Meeting

    08 October 2013


    The meeting was called to order by Karla Cooper at 4:11pm.


    In attendance were Karla Cooper, Brandon Lurie, Mari Colina, Ivan Maldenovic, Hans Huseby and Rene Aldonza.


    The minutes from the September meeting were read and approved.


    Karla informed the Board that Francesco Bali had resigned from the Board because he is opening two restaurants in Miami Int Airport. She then nominated Mari Colina to be our new Treasurer…this was followed by a  unanimous  vote in favor.


    Mario Ponce gave his Administrative report citing 44 active memberships in RSMA and showing a sample video promoting Safe Streets up on our website and noted that this could be done for all our events. The Board agreed with the use of promotional videos and agreed on a minimum goal of 100 RSMA memberships should be ‘sold’.


    An outline and review was given of tomorrow’s (10.09.2013) RSMA General Membership Meeting as well as the RSMA Holiday Party  and was agreed upon.  


    General discussion of RSMA’s relationship with the City concerning special events both established and new followed.


    The meeting was adjourned at 5:01pm.





    Hans Huseby

  • 18 Sep 2013 8:26 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)
    FNBSM was honored and delighted to sponsor of The Commercial Industrial Association of South Florida Inc., “CIASF” Annual Commercial Financing Report Luncheon today at the Coral Gables Country Club. CIASF is a non-profit organization of business leaders involved in the development, design, construction, sales and leasing of Industrial and Commercial Real Estate in South Florida. The diverse and experienced group of panelists from various sectors of the lending industry including Juan Del Busto, former regional executive of the Federal Reserve Bank to discuss the current lending environment, forecast trends in lending and elucidate requirements to obtain financing and close deals. The moderator was Richard M. Zelman, Esquire. Bank officers and Veronica B. Flores were joined by guests that included Brad Williamson and Bill Burdette.
  • 18 Sep 2013 8:25 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Join us at First National Bank of South Miami and network with your fellow merchants, share marketing ideas, and explore new business opportunities in South Miami. Get involved to promote your business.

    The event will take place at the lobby of the First National Bank of South Miami from 6:00 PM until 8:00 PM.

    Complimentary food & drinks provided by

    Shula’s & FootWorks

  • 18 Sep 2013 8:24 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)
    Biscayne Bank recently opened its third Miami-Dade County banking location in the Plaza 57 Building in the heart of South Miami. 

    Founded in 2005 as “the small bank with big plans,” Biscayne Bank is a 5 star rated (Superior) by Bauer Financial that provides highly-personalized service. We offer an excellent array of personal and commercial deposit and lending products, competitive interest rates for customers requiring national and international banking transactions.

    For further information, please contact Mari Colina, Branch Manager, 305-740-5057,, or stop by our office and meet our friendly staff

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