School Outreach Program

per: Vivian Conterio, GiaTech

Purpose of the School Committee:

To connect schools to local merchants and help promote businesses by providing needed resources including fundraising, events, and hands on grass roots efforts.

  • RSMA reaches out to the schools and lets them know who and what we are, how the RSMA can help the schools by connecting them to merchants that are willing to help.
  • Establish a budget for donating to the schools or a list of interested Merchants so the schools can contact them directly.


  • Establish a discount card that will be given free to the schools where they can use as a way to raise money, or drive up memberships in their local PTA’s or Parent Associations.
  • A card will be provided to the school with the schools name on it, and the RSMA logo. 
  • Merchants sign up to offer deals to the schools.  Offer must be a buy one get one free or similar offer.  These must be valuable cards to carry.  Additional deals can be found on website: (We can list on the new website, including printable coupons)
  • Merchants can choose to participate:  We can either do it FREE to the merchants to participate or charge the one’s that get the logo printed on the card a nominal printing cost of $100-$200 depending on how many we can get on a card.  We can have schools sign up and then print only the schools that are interested.

We would choose the schools it will go to from our list of schools.  I suggest schools within the 5 mile South Miami radius.

  • South Miami Elementary
  • South Miami Middle
  • South Miami High
  • Ludlam Elementary
  • Somerset SoMi Elementary
  • Sunset Elementary
  • Westlab Elementary
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